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We provide professional, custom fitness programs for people of all levels and steps in their fitness journey. These programs are designed to help you personally reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Check out my offerings, schedule a call with me and let's configure a regime that's suitable and attainable for your ambitions and lifestyle.


Personally designed

Want to enhance your performance in sports or simply live a healthier lifestyle? If you answered yes, then this is for you!
This is a program accustomed to your specific fitness endeavors. You will work directly with one of our coaches day in and out to help you enhance your performance level in crossfit or general fitness. Outwork others in the gym and it will pay endless dividends in your life. A solid training regime can take the mind and the body a long way.


Cardio Threshold



Maniac Muscle

Body Weight Intro

These 5 Cycles will excel your performance in that specific area and are not meant for everyone. The healthiest/fittest individuals in the world are proficient in all forms of movement. Generally any athlete/client will always have a few wholes in their game, or as some call it "weaknesses". Upon full Completion of one of these cycle, your weaknesses will turn into strengths if you follow the program strictly. 



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2 x Teenage Crossfit Games Athlete

1x Semi-Final Individual Athlete
Founder of Next Gen Programming

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. I have been doing Crossfit for 6 years and I enjoy the sport more and more every day. The community is unlike any other sport out there. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design a professional and science-based exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise while helping you understand the "why" behind every movement pattern. My background in a variety of sports and as a world-class athlete has helped me realize that the art of fitness should be practiced in everyone's life in one way or another. Working out is so much more than just sweating; it's a confidence booster and a powerful tool for easing stress and coping with many other negatives that life throws at us. My unique approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results with a little time and consistency and the willingness to learn!


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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

"James Sprague has been my boys' fitness instructor for 2 years now. They began when they were 14 and 12, new to this type of training they were a little hesitant and reluctant at first. James brought them into his workout world with open arms and with a positive outlook. They are almost 16 and 14 now and I can see where their training has grown their confidence in all aspects of their lives. They are stronger in physical strength as well as stronger in their determination for life. I see the benefit of training with James as a stepping stone to achieving their goals in all facets of their lives as well. James is a fantastic teacher who he leads with positivity and heart. He encourages and supports their workout journey by shaping them as a whole. His concern is not only with the physical side of fitness but also with the emotional and personal health of his clients. He’s always willing to give advice that encourages growth in an individuals whole being. The boys look up to James, they have confidence and respect in James’s teaching style, they admire all he has achieved and because of all this they have started to forge their own patch to success inside and outside of the gym". 

Mia Booth
(Mother of 2 Boys)

"Trustworthy, passionate, committed, available and genuinely interested in helping me grow as an athlete. Those are the kind of things that come to mind and that set Next Gen apart. Their significant contribution to my physical health has even impacted my life as a whole. Highly recommend to anyone desiring to reach the next level!"

Eric Smith
(Next Gen Athlete)

"I love what Next Gen has done for me regarding athletics! Their programming has held me accountable and kept me determined to reach my goals. The coaches are enthusiastic, intelligent and truly care about helping their clients become the best versions of themselves".

Maddi Miller
(Next Gen Athlete)

"Next Gen gave me a renewed confidence in myself and my strength. No one shows the dedication, passion, and care that Next Gen does to make sure that I met my every goal in my fitness journey. Whether it is increased performance in athletics or upmost confidence in my body and my strength, I know that I would be where I was today if James and Tudor had not pushed me every day to be the best I can. They saw potential in me from the very start and it helped me believe in myself as well. They are engaged coaches and are tenacious to get you from point A to point B in a timely effect"

Jack Gardner
(Next Gen Athlete)

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