Crossfit Specific Cycles

Next Gen Gymnastics

Next Gen Cardio Threshold

Next Gen Strength


All 3 Next Gen Cycles are programmed on a platform called Google documents. On your document you will find the 12 weeks of programming. Each day has video tutorials linked for further guidance and explanation of proper movement patterns.

You will communicate with Coach Sprague about any questions, comments or concerns you may have!

1 on 1 Clients

Next Gen is partnered with an easily accessible app on mobile devices and online called True Coach. True Coach is a professional fitness platform that allows us coaches to establish and build our relationship with athletes. We create an account for you and put all your daily workouts in this platform.

True Coach allows you to do the following:

*Track progress  with metrics and see real time results.

*Log Videos of your workouts and receive coaching tips and cues from your coach.

*Communicate quickly and easily with your coach.

*Have access to video tutorials from Next Gen to understand proper movement patterns and move with purpose!

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