Next Gen Training Plans

  • Next Gen Gymnastics

    Perfect for those looking to enhance their Gymnastics skills
    • 12 week Cycle
    • Programming 3 days a week
    • 60-90 minutes per session (can be supplemental)
    • Pull up bar work/ Ring work/ Floor work
    • Upper Body Strengthening
    • Baseline Testing at the beginning and end of the cycle
    • Gymnastic based intervals/ Core strength
    • Online Coaching Videos from Coach Sprague
    • A) warm-up, B) main piece, C) cash-out accessory
  • Next Gen Cardio

    Perfect for building anaerobic and aerobic systems
    • 12 Week Cycle
    • Programming 4 days a week
    • 60-90 minutes per session
    • Light load barbell cycling/ Body-weight functional movements
    • Assault Bike/ Concept 2 Rower/ Running
    • Increase Muscular Endurance
    • Includes task specific warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Next Gen Strength

    Perfect for those looking to increase full body strength.
    • 12 Week Cycle
    • Programming for 5 days a week.
    • 90-120 minutes per session.
    • Various odd object work/ Olympic lifting Technique
    • Video coaching reviews from Coach James Sprague
    • Heavy compound lifting
    • Efficiency with cycling higher percentage loads.
    • Includes task specific warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Next Gen 1 on 1

    Every month
    Perfect for those looking for a personally entailed plan
    • Work directly with one of our Certified Fitness Coaches.
    • Programming accustomed to help you reach your endeavors.
    • Quick and consistent communication with Coach
    • Specific Warm-ups and Cool-downs
    • Access to Video demonstration of movements.
    • Improvement in overall fitness and confidence in life
    • Receive Programming through a professional platform.
  • Body Weight Intro

    Introduction to fitness for the everyday average person!
    • 4 days per week, for 4 weeks straight weeks.
    • Upper, Lower, Core, Cardio SPLIT
    • Includes all aspects of fitness for a begginer level athlete
    • Dynamic/Static stretching intended to promote wellness
    • Video Demonstrations to movements by Coach Sprague
    • Check in phone calls & texts with Coach Sprague
  • Maniac Muscle

    Increase muscle size, definitition & output
    • 6 week long overload progression sequence
    • 4 days per week split, 90 minute sessions
    • Includes: Warm-up, Main Piece, Accessory piece, Core
    • High volune rep schemes
    • Chase the "pump" daily!