Establishing good technique and movement patterns for our clients is our #1 priority at Next Gen.


For example, let’s say Chad has been performing a strict press incorrectly.

In a video we see that Chad is leaning back and creating an unstable/unsafe pressing motion. This can lead Chad to altered length muscle tension relationships which then leads to an improper recruitment of muscles which leads to improper joint motion.


Ultimately if Chad keeps pressing in this fashion, he is going to end up with a shoulder impingement or other forms of shoulder and back injuries.

Chad needs to lower the weights and fix a few things on the technical side with time under correct muscle tension. Overtime, this correct pattern will become 2nd nature and Chad will move with good habits and prevent injury.


Do you know a “Chad” at your gym who needs to take a step back?


Share this post with them, not in the intent to tell them they are going to get injured, but in the intent of being a good friend and insuring people know that proper mechanics are greater than anything else.